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  • Data analysis
  • Bioinformatics
  • Next-generation Sequencing
  • Supercomputing
  • Laboratory Information Management System

Projects of Experimental Serendipity

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About Experimental Serendipity

Following the exponentially growing amount of genomic sequence data from the different genome sequencing projects, and lately, of gene expression and protein interactions data, research institutions and drug discovery companies are facing a data overload in the order millions of gigabytes.

Combining these large volumes of data, a variety of data formats and appropriate tools across scientific domains is still a challenge.

EXPERIMENTAL SERENDIPITY will provide a new type of bioinformatics tools to life scientists and pharmaceutical companies, focussing in the final users needs and using a new paradigm we call pervasive bioinformatics, that is, embedding bioinformatics computation into the common computing environment and everyday programs scientists normally use (MS Word, Desktop, Google, etc) so information is processed more naturally and casually than they currently do, and in ways that suit whatever location or context they find themselves in.

Process of Experiental Serendipity

  • very simple!
  • Let us assume a scientist or a researcher needs some data analysis or development for a project.
  • a. Cloud-based integrated data management & analysis
  • b. No hardware to purchase, no software to install
  • c. Analyse data visually and with advanced statistics
  • d. Export or publish your data and results

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